Parent Punishes Child, Cuts Social Media

Alcohol photos lead to banishment from Facebook

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Alcohol photos lead to banishment from FacebookMany teens expose a great deal of personal information on social media websites. One parent, though, decided to send a message to her child after alcohol photos were posted by the child on her Facebook page, reports say.

The parent, ReShonda Tate Billingsley, noticed her daughter had posted photos of herself holding alcohol containers on the world's largest social media site. As punishment, Billingsley took away her child's usage rights of Facebook. Additionally, she took a photo of her daughter holding up a message that explained why she was banned temporarily from using the site.

"She saw how this picture has gone viral, but … now she sees that if it had been the picture of vodka that went viral, it could have ruined her life," Billingsley said in a Facebook post about punishing her daughter, according to CNNMoney. "It's vodka today, but it could be underwear five years from now if this isn't nipped in the bud (and she doesn't learn) the consequences of posting on social media."

Billingsley added that she recognizes social media will play a major part in everyone's life for the foreseeable future, including her daughter. Because of this reason, she said she felt she needed to teach her daughter to use social media more responsibly.

Similarly, Denise Abbott, a mother in Ohio, also punished her teenage daughter for posting what she deemed "disrespectful things," according to reports, and also took a photo of her child with a sign indicating why she had been banned from Facebook.

"You have to adapt your parenting skills with the times," Abbott told NBC News.

The issue of posting too much information on Facebook and other popular social media sites could be cause for concern, as child identity theft can occur to these young users.

Matt Cullina, the chief executive officer for Identity Theft 911, has a blog about the many ways kids can be affected by identity theft.

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